Stratocaster (“Fender”)

The black Hanoverian colt Stratocaster, aka “Fender”, by Sir Wanabi, was born on June 1st. Fontana (Feiner Stern/Erbherzog) was very considerate to have her foal at 8:00 pm during feeding time! Fender is a striking, refined black colt with lovely markings. He is quite a character with a fun personality. His dam received incredible scores for gaits at her German Mare Performance Test (9s for trot and walk, 8 for canter) and this little guy looks to have inherited his mother’s gaits! Both his sire and dam received excellent scores for temperament and rideability at their MPT and Stallion Performance Test, respectively, and this personable little character is showing the same lovely temperament that is characteristic of both his parents.

Fender - June 2 - Day 1 sleeping in Angel's lap   Fender - June 3 - day 2

Fender, Mom and Angel, Day 10 June 10   Fender at 1 month, posing

Fender at 3 months #2, Sept 1   Fender at 3 months #3, Sept 1